Chromium is one of the fastest browsers out there. And here is a little tweak that will make the browsing experience even faster:

Putting the cache-directory into a ramdisk. This has been tested on Ubuntu 10.10 and Debian squeeze:

Create a folder where the Ramdisk shall be mounted in, and make it writable:

sudo mkdir -p /media/tmpfs

sudo chmod 777 /media/tmpfs

Put an new entry to the /etc/fstab to mount the ram-disk there on boot-up:

tmpfs /media/tmpfs tmpfs defaults,size=15% 0 0

the size of the ram-disk is 15% of your total Memory. Mount the ram-disk:

sudo mount -a

Now move the chromium cache folder to the ramdisk

rm -rf ~/.cache/chromium

ln -s /media/tmpfs ~/.cache/chromium

And done!

Now start chromium-browser and surf at the speed of light